About Us

Mutcho Arts Centre Collaborative platform Stronger together “Telling our stories and being proud of our culture”


Our mission is to create links between the different components of the community to allow inclusion through the diversity of cultures. Create a space for young people of different origins, especially African descent to create an expression and exchange space. Artists to be able to develop their talents and share their productions. Share stories to strengthen inclusion.

  • Community
  • Youth
  • Cultures
  • Media

Share experiences, performances, and the development of young talents.
Mutcho Radio, Mutcho TV, Mutcho Magazine, Mutcho App
Dance, Dramming, Storytelling, Photography, Video,
We are looking for funding to support access to a space with rooms dedicated to:

  • Radio studio to stream community stories

  • TV room to record shows and videos for artists

Equipment and salaries supporting projects coordinators
Collaboratively work with stakeholders

  • Mutcho cultural group
  • Black cultural center
  • African Women Association
  • Ste Mary’s African students
  • African Nova Scotian Music Association

WE need a connected African descent collaboration to showcase high-quality performances, tell our stories, and build a young generation proud of who they are. Nova Scotia is our home, we need to share our culture and traditions for a strong community.

We can inspire and share our experience, open opportunities to African descent talents in media, event productions, and personal talent.

We are looking to have on-board stakeholders to help to deliver strong outcomes and build a long-term project.

With technology help, we can share our experience beyond and also invite or visit other communities for diversity.

It has been proven that it’s possible to create a Mutcho radio, Mutcho TV, and Mutcho cultural group but it has been difficult to bring volunteers. We need to think about how we can financially support those who give their time and experience to teach and build a team, bands for performances. A better show deserves recognition.
“A dreamer is a winner who never gives up”. Mandela

Janvier Nahimana
Event and media coordinator
Mutcho cultural group

Non profit organisation

Mutcho Cultural Group
420 Larry Uteck BLD 

Bedford B3M 0G5